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      Join us on

      Join us on


      Check out what the magazines have been saying about us for over 33 years now.

      Get to know us.
      We ARE motorcyclists.

      RKA has been around since 1985 making the best luggage we possibly can,
      with the best functionality, best possible materials and the most pleasing to the eye.

      Most of all we have continued to design and manufacture our products right here in Northern California.


      Our help not only sews but they are CRAFTPEOPLE and ARTISTS.
      That's why we think we are the top of the line for you and your motorcycles.
      Motorcyclist June1986

      Such performance, along with the healthy carrying capacity, helps make the Mirage II a splendid partner for the solo rider out for a weekend jaunt..........
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      the complete review
      Click on the photo or
      the text links.

      Please note .....
      This is a sample of the many reviews over the years and some of the items you'll be seeing in these reviews are no longer available
      as we have evolved over the years to meet the needs of the changing motorcycles and motorcyclists.

      Motorclcycist November 1986

      RKA has come up with some inventive and well-executed ideas ..........
      Read the whole review

      Cycle Guide May 1987

      That ease of use came through with every bike we tried the SBIIs on ..........
      Read the whole review

      Cycle World September 1987

      It's an honest, funtional piece of luggage ..........
      Read the whole review

      Rider January 1988

      RKA is samll and does not mass produce their luggage, but their Mirage II line of soft luggage is classy ..........
      Read the whole review

      Rider June 1989

      Their soft luggage rates five stars among the sport touring set ..........
      Read the whole review

      American Woman Road Riding December 1989

      Kathy IS RKA say's her husband, who handles the finances and paper work "She is definitly the brains behind this business..........
      Read the whole review

      Cycle February 1990

      RKA's bag stands out in this crowd..........
      Read the whole review

      Motorcyclist July 1990

      RKA designs the most integrated baggage in the industry ..........
      Read the whole review

      Motorcyclist June 1991

      Our blue and grey bag matched the VFR wonderfully..........
      Read the whole review

      AMA June 1992

      Perhaps best of all, the owners of RKA Richard Battles and Kathy?Storin, design the luggage..........
      Read the whole review

      Rider July 1992

      Ahs! Here's the ticket for the confirmed tankbag lovers!! We give it 5 tanks!............
      Read the whole review

      Motorcyclist / Sportrider

      Summer of 1995
      10 year color ad ..........
      Read the whole review

      Motorclcycist January 1996

      Hey big spender. Here's a gift you difinitely need ..........
      Read the whole review

      Sportrider April 1996

      Choose from a wide assortment of color combinations for a personalized look..........
      Read the whole review

      Sportrider August 1997
      This SuperSport 16-liter expandable tankbag from RKA..........
      Read the whole review

      Bohemian November 2004
      RKA's soft luggage is the answer, manufactured onsite in Healdsburg California ..........
      Read the whole review